Rechargeable scuba LED divelight.

Selectable colors and blinking mode.

Wrist or ankle, or tank mount.

Cave or night dive, backup light.

The best for the money!

Dive easy!

What is this and what is this for?

Often it is needed to have some clearly visible mark with diver. The best to make it color-emitting, bright, modern and usable. Such mark is strongly required by inexperienced divers, night divers, wreck or cave divers.

We manufacture and offer a small watch-like diver's light. It allows color, blinking mode and intensity to be selected.

Additionally, the device utilizes operation with a magnet (is completely sealed, i.e. has no buttons) and wireless (QI) charging.

Main applications:

- diver identification in a group with color mark

- diver identification with color mark during night dive or limited visibility

- 1 watt reserve (additional) light

- identification of group's dive guide

- signaling using color (way forward, return, safety stop, etc...)

Product description:

Light source: 1W color light emitting diode (RGB LED), 2 hours light duration at high intensity level and no blinking mode.

Selectable colors: white, red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, yellow, random color.

Selectable blinking mode: constant, quick and slow blink, irregular blink.

Selectable intensity: high (240mA) and low (80mA) LED power.

Body: undisassemblable, completely sealed, all controls are remote magnetic type.

Charging: QI technology, wireless charging in about 2-3 hours, battery is built-in li-polymer 400mAh.

Material: cast acrylic glass, minimum walls thickness 6.5mm, silicone sealant.

Limits: The device was tested under recreational diving conditions. Guaranteed to work down to 40 meters. Technical diving (extra deep) application did not pass enough testing, however design and body walls thickness is excessive.

Other features: over heat protection by automatic limiting of light intensity, silicone strap, sealed magnet for light control.

Phoduct photos:

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Kit price is $99 (USA dollars) + delivery.

You get 1 diving lamp, 1 sealed magnet, 1 silicone strap, 1 QI charger, 1 USB cable and 1 wall adapter with every unit purchase.


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