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A very special scuba flashlight.

It is used for identification underwater. This is a bright color mark for diver.

Selectable rainbow of colors and blinking modes.

1W LED source of light.

Completely sealed, setup through magnetic sensors.

Rechargeable with wireless induction QI charger.

Diving easy!

What is this and what is this for?

As a diver, you might know that there has always been a problem of understanding who is underwater and where is. You always need to understand who is your diveguide and who is your buddy. Especially, when you dive in a group. Or during bad visibility circumstances like night diving, wreck diving, cave diving, dirty waters. Or simply when your diving experience is not very much.

Some kind of clearly visible mark is needed. The best to make it something color-emitting, bright, modern, usable, special and unique.

We manufacture and offer a small watch-like diver's light.

It allows color, blinking mode and intensity to be selected. The device is operated with a magnet (is completely sealed, i.e. has no buttons) and charges wirelessly (QI charging).

Main applications:

- dive guide identification

- buddies identification

- limited visibility assistance (night diving, wreck diving, cave diving)

- 1 watt reserve (backup) light

- signaling using color (way forward, return, safety stop, etc...)

Product description:

Light source: 1W color light emitting diode (RGB LED), 2 hours light duration at high intensity level and no blinking mode.

Selectable colors: white, red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, yellow, randomly changing color.

Selectable blinking mode: constant, quick and slow blink, double blink.

Selectable intensity: high (240mA) and low (80mA) LED power.

Body: undisassemblable, completely sealed, all controls are remote magnetic type.

Charging: QI technology, wireless charging in about 2-3 hours, battery is built-in li-polymer 400mAh.

Material: cast acrylic glass, minimum walls thickness 6.5mm, silicone sealant.

Limits: The device was tested under recreational diving conditions. Guaranteed to work down to 40 meters. Technical diving (extra deep) application did not pass enough testing, however design and body walls thickness is excessive.

Other features: over heat protection on air by automatic limiting of light intensity, silicone strap, sealed magnet for light control.

Phoduct photos:

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We, as a manufacturer, focus on wholesale and offer lower pricing for quantity orders.

Our wholesale pricelist starts from 25% off retail pricelist. Normally, we focus to deal with small (ten) and medium (tens) wholesale orders.

100% prepayment is a general term for wholesale. All prices listed are FOB. Trade credit is available for long-term business partners only.

Note, since we are manufacturer and stock varies, wholesale orders are subject to lead time.

We supply product in bulk packaging, i.e. we do not offer individual branded boxing.

The product is unique to market and you can successfully sell it locally. Dive shops and diving centers are welcome!

Product Quality and Warranties

We are product manufacturers. We ship from warehouse exactly.

Each new set is fully tested for proper work before shipping.

The manufacturer warrants that the device will substantially perform functions and conform to published specifications. The manufacturer does not warrant that functions performed by the device will meet your requirements or that an operation will be entirely error free.

A one year warranty is available with each new product from the date of purchase. Please note: the warranty void if evidences of infringement of an exploitation terms are obvious, as well as any physical or thermal damage is discovered.

The device will be repaired or replaced and shipped via regular air mail free of charge within a guarantee period. This is your responsibility to pay for shipping to the manufacturer.

Non guarantee repairs are not handled or require a special term payment.

In no event the manufacturer will be liable for any damages, including damages to a health, a lost of profits, or any other direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of a use or an inability to use the device.

Samples Ordering:

Quick small quantity sales (1, 2, 3 pcs) are available on-line. All prices are in USD (USA dollars).

Single (1) Kit price is $100 (USA dollars) + delivery.

You get 1 diving lamp, 1 sealed magnet, 1 silicone strap, 1 QI charger, 1 USB cable and 1 wall adapter with every unit purchase.

We supply product in bulk packaging, i.e. we do not offer individual branded boxing.

Each retail buyer is eligible to return the product if not satisfied with the quality, and to get a refund under a return and refund policy.

Small Quantity Delivery:

We ship packages within 2 business days after receiving payment. Shipments originate from Krasnodar, Russia warehouse.

Airmail international is (7-21 business days) $20.

EMS courier international is (5-10 business days) $40.

All shipments have an on-line tracking with a waybill code.

PayPal payment

Cryptocurrency/other payment

We do believe cryptocurrency to be the future of world-wide sales, we offer BTC and BCH as an option for goods purchase.

Our BTC (BitCoin) wallet: 1KsAmnuNrWmSfwqrEsvsXecFuyUoeu9BSm

Our BCH (BitCoin Cash) wallet: 1HLYjz569J4qfecuDtjM9eRuZfnP81LSg1

Our ETH (Ethereum) wallet: 0x18610Bc41330b51541D650c0d29B6C591aa6f58d

We offer a 10% total discount on crypto purchases.

Don't mixup BTC and BCH destinations or any Ethereum forks since their format is very similar.

Return and Refund Policy for Samples

- products must be evaluated within 14 days from an arrival date;

- you must send e-mail prior to returning a product, returned products without prior inform are not accepted;

- items must be in a guarantee condition, original quantities and an original packaging;

- an arrival date is proved with any of the following: a signed delivery confirmation issued by a regular postal service, an express service online record, with an express service waybill paper;

- a departure date is proved with any of the following: a regular postal service stamp, an express service online record, an express service waybill paper;

- shipping costs are not covered by a refund;

- payment processor's charges are not covered by a refund;

- a refund will be processed within 5 business days from products arrival.


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